United Hero:  Sandra Bradshaw

Sandra Bradshaw

Sandra Bradshaw
38 years old
Greensboro, NC

Sandy Bradshaw was part of the crew. She grew up in the rural community of Climax, North Carolina, south of Greensboro.

Her husband of 11 years, Phil Bradshaw, is a pilot for U.S. Airways. At approximately 9:30am that morning, Phil received a call from Sandra. "Have you seen what's happening? Have you heard?" She asked in a calm voice. "We've been hijacked."

Sandy and Phil Bradshaw

Sandra told her husband that she and other flight attendants were boiling water to toss on the hijackers. Nearby, she said, three men were whispering the 23rd Psalm. "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want ...." Then one of the men apparently made the call to charge the hijackers.

The Bradshaw family has three children: Shenan; two-year-old Alexandra; and one-year-old Nathan. "She lived every moment for them," said Phil Bradshaw. "I want them to know how much good their mother always did and how much of a hero I really think she is."

Donations for the young children can be sent to:

Memorial Trust for Alexandra & Nathan Bradshaw at Wachovia Bank
609 Green Valley Road
Greensboro N.C. 27408
Attn. Nancy D. Bowen

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