United Hero:  Jeremy Glick

Jeremy Glick

Jeremy Glick
31 years old
West Milford, New Jersey

Jeremy Glick Mr. Glick was a sales and marketing executive for an Internet company, Vividence.

He was described by brother-in-law Doug Hurwitt as a "take-charge guy," and was a national collegiate judo champion at the University of Rochester.

When Jeremy phoned his wife, Lyzbeth, he said that the pilots and flight attendants had been forced to the back of the plane, one passenger had been stabbed to death, and that the hijackers claimed they had a bomb.

Lyzbeth Glick said her husband was nervous about rushing the hijackers, but the tenseness didn't keep him from joking. He said he still had his butter knife from the in-flight breakfast.

His 20-minute call not only gave him several opportunities to tell his wife he loved her, but it also enabled Mrs. Glick's mother to contact police on another line, allowing authorities to listen in on much of the call and to gather information about the passengers' plight.

Jeremy told his wife to take care of Emmy (Emerson), their 12-week-old daughter, and "have a good life."

He asked his wife not to hang up. He was going to leave the air phone off the hook while the group of passengers tried to implement their takeover. But she couldn't bear to listen and handed the phone to her father. Lyzbeth Glick's father heard rustling, a brief silence, then more rustling from the open line to the plane. Then screams followed by dead silence.

Mr. Glick is survived by his wife Lyzbeth, his daughter Emerson, his parents and five siblings.

MSNBC's Jane Pauley interviewed the Lyz shortly after the tragedy.

A non-profit organization called Jeremy's Heroes has been established by Jeremy's brothers and sisters. It is dedicated to building character and confidence in America's youth through sports.

We have addresses for these three funds for the Lyzbeth and Emerson, but we can not confirm which is official:

Glick Family Fund c/o Fleet Bank
1618 Union Valley Rd.
West Milford, NJ 07480
phone: (973) 728-2747

Emerson Glick
c/o Merrill Lynch
P.O. Box 911
Windham, NY 12496

Jeremy Glick Memorial Fund
[Checks should reference account number 3300314192]
Silicon Valley Bank
Attention: Farrah Conanan
3003 Tasman Drive
Mailsort HF 280
Santa Clara, CA 95054

See the web page and fund for the Glick family created by Glick's employer, Vividence: In Memory of Jeremy Glick

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